Seller# HeadDetails
Gene & Ann Welsh60Angus Bred Cows, Bred mostly to bulls out of Sitz Upward. They will start calving 3-15 for 75 days. Running Ages mainly solid mouth.
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Larry Mann & Sons36Angus Bred Cows Running Age
Joel and Brady Cross115Angus angus x steers and heifers In April they had Vision 7, Vista 5, Nasalgen and Ultra Boss. 9-23 they were given Vision 7, Vista 5, Once PHH IN and Safeguard 670#
Kirk Laux91Angus angus x heifers Weaned & PC 750#
Tim Campbell90Angus Angus x steers and heifers. They are weaned and being fed millet hay. 625-675#
Laura Margheim20Angus angus steers and heifers They are weaned and have had Virashield 6, One Shot 7 Way and getting corn and hay 650#
Al and Peggy Golden8Angus steers and heifers 300-600#