Seller# HeadDetails
Bill and Queeda Baldwin280Angus steers and heifers(80) They have had Inforce 3, 7 way at Birth. They had Vision 7, Bovasheild Gold One Shot at Branding and PC with Vision 7 Bovasheild Gold One shot They are all June calves. Fancy and green enough for grass. 765#
Sweeley and Snyder175Angus angus X steers (100) and heifers (75). They were weaned Dec 1st and have had two rounds of shots 675-725#
Jim and Justin Stauffer125Angus angus WF X steers(75) and Heifers(50). They are May and June calves. Green and hay fed 550#
Howard Mazanec120Angus steers and Heifers 700-800#
W Ranch120Angus Angus x steers and heifers. Weaned and PC. 550#
Josh Stauffer95Mostly bwf steers and heifers out of Olsen Heredord Ranch bulls. They have had Vista Once sq and Vision 7, they were boostered 12-2 with Vista Once and Ivermec. They were weaned 11-15 and are running out on pasture. They are electric fence broke and cake broke. All calves were born between 5-1 to 6-30 600-650#
Ron and Barb Jespersen85Angus angus x heifers. They are replacement quality and guaranteed open 675#
Jerry and Sally Weekes76Angus angus x steers. They have had 7 Way with Haemopholis and 3 rounds of Bovashield . Stricktly hay feds and green enough for grass. 750#
5 L Ranch65Red Angus steers and heifers Weaned They are carrying the Red Angus dangle tags. They have had One Shot, Inforce at preweaning and 7 Way and Vista 5 at weaning. Heifers have had Bovashield 5 and Vista 3 at Bangs vaccination time Heifers are Bangs Vaccinated 575-675#
Weston McConnell40Char X Heifers PC 650#
Lance Dickey60Angus angus x steers and heifers At branding they were given Vision 7 w Somnus and Bovashield Gold 5. On 2-17th they had Bovashield Gold One Shot and Vision 7. 450#
Albert Hoff and Sons35Xbred Steers and Heifers. They have had Branding shots, Vision 7 and Triangle 4 and poured No implants 600-700#
Jeff Pohl30Angus angus x steers and heifers 700#
Grimm Ranch30BWF steers and heifers. They are PC 4-500#
Ron Lien25Angus angus x steers and heifers Weaned and PC 550#
Gene and Ann Welsh15Angus steers and heifers PC 550#
Dave Peterson10Char Angus x Steers and Heifers They have had Branding shots They are fall calves 500#
Kenneth and Linda Stangle29Yearling Hereford Bulls Gentle and cake broke, Ranch Raised with 30+ Years of Selective Breeding. They are out of Horned Hereford Blood LInes, Horned and Dehorned Bulls For more info 308-487-5352
Kenneth and Linda Stangle50Hereford Replacement Heifers. They will sell in groups of 10 up to 50 Head. They are Cake Broke, Ranch Raised, 30+ Years Selective Breeding. Bangs Vaccinated