Seller# HeadDetails
Lerwick Livestock150Red Angus Steers.They were given Alpha 7 and Inforce 3 at birth, Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ, Once PMH SQ, Vision 7 Somnus and CleanUp II at weaning Boostered with Bovasheild Gold 5, Once PMH SQ and vision 7 Somnus Weaned 525#
Josh Stauffer135Angus angus X Steers and Heifers. Weaned 11-27 and given 7 way Vista Once PMH and Ivermec. They were re upped 12-20. Have been running out on grass getting protein 575-625#
Howard Mazanec120Angus angus X Steers and Heifers PC 700-800#
Josh Weekes110Angus Angus X steers PC and Weaned 600#
Pappas Farms90Angus Angus X steers and heifers Weaned and PC 750#
Jeff Metz70Angus angus X steers and heifers PC 750#
Daharsh Ranch70Angus angus X Steers and Heifers Weaned and PC 475#
Jim and Justin Stauffer85Angus angus X Steers Weaned since 1-1 and PC 550#
Ron Lien50Angus anagus X Steers and Heifers Weaned and PC 450-500#
Dan Barrett and Family47Angus angus X steers and heifers They had Bovashield Gold One Shot, Calvary 9 and Synovex C at branding They were PC on 11-1 with Bovashield Gold One Shot. They were weaned 11-19. They were back poured with Ivermec 1-3-19 All Calves were born 4-26 to 6-15 85% were born from 4-26 to 5-31. They are sired by Sim-angus X and Angus Bulls Since weaning they have been winrow grazing a cover crop mix. 1-15 they started adding 2# DDG as protein supplement. Late January they started getting 1.5# shell corn for cold winter supplement 675#
Marshall Mossberg25Mixed Steers and Heifers They have had three rounds of Bovasheild Gold 550#
Bryan Huffman25Angus steers and heifers. They have been weaned 30 days. On 1-4 they received Bovasheild Gold One Shot and Ultrabac 7 with Somnubac. 2-20 they received Bovashield Gold 5 and poured. No implants and are bunk broke to hay and pulp
Byron Miller35Angus angus Strs & Hfrs Weaned and PC 550#
Rhonda Whitney35Angus angus steers and heifers Weaned and PC 4-500#
Pohl Ranch15Angus angus x Steers and Heifers PC and weaned 600#
Mike Franklin8Mainly black steers and heifers PC and weaned a long time 550-550#
Gary Grubbs10Mixed steers and heifers PC in November, weaned in Dec and boostered first of Jan and poured twice 700#
Doug Henderson14Angus angus X Steers and Heifers 450-500#
Ken and Linda Stangle23Yearling Hereford Bulls
Ken and Linda Stangle40Yearling Hereford Replacement Heifers They are Bangs Vaccinated Cake Broke No Sileage
Running J Angus32Angus Yearling and 18 month Old Angus Bulls