Seller# HeadDetails
Cullan Farms200Fancy Red Angus Steers and Heifers PC
Ed Wernke90Angus angus x Steers and heifers PC
Elder Ranch85Angus angus X Steers and Heifers PC BQA Certified 525#
Troy, Martee and Riley Pruitt80Angus angus X steers and heifers PC
Lyndon and Bridget Grubbs73Red Angus Sired steers and heifers. They have had Triangle 5, 7 Way with Somnus at branding and Triangle 5, 7 way with Somnus and Myco B One at PC. 55-650#
Tim Riggs50Angus angus x Steers 600#
Gerald Seidler52Red Angus WF X Steers and HIefers PC 475-500#
James and Tammy Elder 35Red and Black Steers and Heifers They are Red Angus Sired BQA Certified 525#
Rick Perry75Angus Steers and Heifers PC 575-600#
Roger and Jo Timmerman62Char X Steers and Heifers PC 550-600#
Bill Allen25Red and Black Angus steers and heifers Out of Black Angus Cows. 500-525#
Jack Skavdahl40angus angus X steers and Heifers PC
John Buttle19Angus angus X steers and heifers 500#
John Buttle20Angus Bred Cows